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Alcohol Content: 5.2 %

Sizes: 330mL 

Tasting Notes


Your proud brewers at brewboys have designed this beer to be a true hefeweizen, so it must be served cloudy. You’ll need to gently roll the bottle to disperse the healthy living yeast.<br<br>

The beer is yellow to amber in colour, and has a strong burst of banana caramel aroma, along with lots of clove-like spice.

Using a traditional Bavarian wheat beer yeast in fermentation produces the hallmark characteristics of fruity esters and spicy phenolics. It also contributes a zesty level of acidity giving the beer a cleansing tart finish.

The mouthfeel is very full bodied, with a flavour experience initially perceived as sweet, and then with a wheaten taste like fresh bakers flour. After all the Germans call this “liquid bread”.

Fantastic served cold in a tall tulip shaped glass next to some fine Bratwurst or a hearty wiener schnitzel.

It’s pretty easy drinking, but at 5.2% you’ll be oom-pa-pa-ing in no time!