Ace of Spades label

Ace of Spades

Currently in Production

Alcohol Content: 5.9 %

Sizes: 330mL  330mL 

Tasting Notes

A stout, as black as the ace of spades.

Brewboys has crafted a fine stout with rich, complex, dark roasted character. With abounding coffee-like aroma, and strong cocoa bean bouquet, the aromatics are as striking as the appearance.

You can’t get any blacker. Roasted malted wheat, Choc chit malt, and black malt are all called upon to intensify the blackest beer we could possibly make.

Recognised as champion stout brewers, both Stephen and Simon revelled in the challenge of outdoing their own efforts at perfecting the balance of roastedness, mouthfeel, aftertaste and alcohol, in this inimitable drop.

Volatiles, including vanilla bean and herbaceous fermentative profile dissipate over the glassful, leaving the drinker with an earthy back palate.

This stout is best described as an extra stout, not dry or sweet. It has a hefty mouth feel, well balanced with a moderate alcohol and bitterness leaving you wanting more.

Aromas and flavours re more abundant when served at warmer temperatures. In the cold of winter, drink it straight from the cupboard or cellar temperature, but if you must chill it, no lower than 10°C.



  Award Event Date
Silver Medal - Stout Silver Medal - Stout 2009 Sydney Royal Beer Cometition 2009-02-24
Silver Medal Silver Medal Australian International Beer Awards (A.I.B.A.) 2009 - Melbourne 2009-03-20
Silver medal Silver medal Australian International Beer Awards 2010 2010-05-20