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Charger Lager

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Alcohol Content: 4.9 %

Sizes: 330mL 

Tasting Notes

Our development team brain-stormed over many sessions, to come up with this lager beer which celebrates the classic muscle car of the 70s. It had to be an Aussie Golden lager, it had to have enough muscle, and enough punch, to bear the name.

We started with true-blue Aussie grown malted barley for a brilliant gold colour, added willamette hops for a punchy bitterness, and fermented it with tried and true lager yeast.

When poured the beer has a thick persistent hemi head. The aroma is malty and herbaceous. The malt and hop characters are as well balanced as a genuine E49.

Being a lager, it is cold matured for lengthy periods to meld and amalgamate the flavours into unison with blueprint timing, like a factory billet cam. This is no back-yard re-grind!

It’s filtered and polished to a brilliant sheen in factory colour, and comes with the sports interior, with the tacho on top, and low beer miles.

The Six Pack has all the classic lines, lovingly restored with the RT/6 trimmings. We’re talking classic, not plastic!

Just as all Aussies like their beer, this is no exception, and must be served straight from the ice.



  Award Event Date
Bronze - Packaging Bronze - Packaging Australian International Beer Awards 2010 2010-05-20