King Brown label

King Brown

Currently in Production

Alcohol Content: 4.2 %

Tasting Notes

After our inaugural brew at the big 6.5% which only went into 60 old 750mL pickaxe bottles, we have decided to make King Brown a more regular beer. Redesigning it with Mt Hood hops, at a more drinkable level of 4.2%, we now present the second incarnation: the 650mL longneck.

Aptly named, we won't see the likes of this beer in stubbies. We have the massive malt bill starting with Vienna and Munich malt, Crystal and chocolate malt, we add some roasted malt and a couple of minor specialty grains. In the Kettle we repeatedly pound the boiling wort with kilo after kilo of Mount Hood hops for maximum flavour.

It's a great pint drinking beer on tap, and is only sold in pint sized bottles at 650mL.