Here at Brewboys, we produce and package all of our delicious drops on-site at our Regency Road Taproom. All of the creative ideas behind our beverages come straight from the brains of Dan and Owen with no impact from outside sources. That’s how you know that you’ll be tasting some unique brews at Brewboys that you’ll never find elsewhere.


Most of our beverages start off with an ambitious concept; to fashion the boldest, most eccentric and flavoursome drinks possible. From this ambition, we’ve been able to create some of the most unique craft beers, ciders, wines and spirits in Australia!

It all starts with the humble grain. We begin by rigorously milling and mashing the grain into a ‘beer porridge’ of sorts. We then use fragrant blends of various grains to create unique and diverse flavours in our brews. This gives them that unrivalled taste that our customers love.

The Brewboys Process


One step in making the not beers

All of the Brewboys drinks are made right here, on-site. While we are known for our amazing beers, we also make many other beverages including wines, gin and hard lemonade.

Wherever possible, we source our ingredients from South Australian farmers. The grapes for our Shiraz are sourced from Macclesfield. The apples we use are sourced from orchards in Lenswood. Our Roussanne grapes are from friendly farmers in Lobethal. We understand that it takes time to create perfection. All of our wines are required to spend different amounts of time in oak barrels.

The lemons and ginger we use are 100% Australian - there are no internationally imported fruits at Brewboys.


Unlike other breweries who use carbonators to give their beers additional bubbliness, our beers go through a second fermentation process once packaged. This takes a little longer but makes our drinks richer and longer-lasting. Best of all, the double fermentation process is naturally occurring so the wait is definitely worth it!

Dan and Owen are always thinking of new ideas to cater to our valued patrons. Having expanded from beers, we’ve added unique, housemade cider, wine and spirits behind the bar.

We have the ability to create brand new beers regularly, from natural ingredients. All of the beverages sold at Brewboys are free from chemicals and artificial additives with natural ingredients being at the forefront of our creations. This is rare amongst microbreweries in Adelaide and is the reason so many choose us as their brewery of choice.

Although the majority of our ingredients are sourced locally in South Australia, we often source specialist ingredients from all over the world. This ensures we are constantly providing Brewboys customers with a surprisingly global taste experience that is rarely found in Australia.

The boys in their natural habitat


Brewboys is good for the community

We try our best to be as sustainable as possible at Brewboys and aim to contribute to the local community in SA wherever we can. All of our spent grain is donated to a local family farmer to feed his livestock. In turn, we use firewood from fallen trees on his property to create smokey flavours and in our woodfire heater.

Our apples, grapes and honey are locally sourced from plantations around Adelaide and the greater Adelaide Hills area. We source them directly so that only the best organic ingredients make their way into our brews. We support other local businesses, buying South Australian produce and soft drinks so that we can boost our fellow South Australian business owners!

Not bad for a humble microbrewery run by two blokes who just love beer!