Beer from the trees

From the dawn of time, there were grasses, and from the grasses came grain. From grain came the humble lager bean, and man created beer.

As descendants of drunkard primordials, mixed with a dash of convict Rum Rebellion, the Brewboys were born. The two men came forth brandishing tools to create a utopia for weary travellers while fossicking to deliver a gold-rush of amber refreshments. From the humble grain came one of Adelaide's first craft microbreweries, which lay the path for those to follow.

Established in 2008, Brewboys provides the patrons of Adelaide with unique brew creations made with a labour of love.

Over a decade since inception, Brewboys has changed hands to Dan and Owen, two beer-loving mates with a passion for brewing. When the opportunity arose to continue the Brewboys legacy, they jumped at the chance. With their industry experience and love of the venue as former patrons themselves, a new Brewboys story was born.

Unique creations
We just want to make drinks

They spend their days creating magnificent brews and dreaming of potential beer names. Their creative process involves spitballing name ideas until they laugh hard enough to warrant naming a beer after one.

"We just want to make drinks."

Experienced brewers and beverage salesmen in their previous jobs, Dan and Owen taking over the Brewboys legacy was a no brainer! You'll now find them smiling behind the bar at their Regency Road Tap Room and brewery. “As a family-owned business, we're not about commercialisation and selling beer by the bucketload. We just want to make drinks on-site and give our customers a cosy home away from home.”


When you walk into Brewboys, you are first greeted with the smell of fresh barley, varnished wood and a fireplace. We’ve taken care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy some of the best beer, cider, liqueur and gin you've ever let past your lips.

Pair that with some of our kitchen’s seriously delicious burgers, poutine and pulled meats and you have yourself the most perfect set up imaginable.

Brewboys is not your typical blokey beer shed. We're family-friendly, with things for the kids to do and enjoy. We have a kids corner with toys for the tots, retro arcade games and pinball machines for the big kids, and a pool table to challenge your mates. We’ve even got board games behind the bar for those that fancy some friendly yet competitive gaming.

As independent brewers, we're one of the few brew houses in Adelaide that have full control over exactly what goes into our drinks. You’ll get only the finest ingredients, brewed and canned on-site.

The Brewboys Experience

At Brewboys, people of all walks of life are welcome. We hold a range of events for everyone, including:

  • quiz nights
  • beer launch parties
  • live music gigs
  • holiday events
  • Sunday sessions
  • Kitchen specials
  • and so much more for our excellent customers to enjoy.

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Not to mention, you can also have your own parties at your venue; we love helping people celebrate their special occasions.


Brewboys was one of the first microbreweries in South Australia. We continue to service our customers through the taproom and over 60 various stockists... And now you can buy online!

Having won over 12 awards within their first 18 months of business, Dan and Owen have created an unrivalled range of truly remarkable brews. Brewboys’ range has diversified to include gin, liqueur, wine and unique ciders. Your 'strictly sweet or spirits' loving friends don't have to miss out.

Sure, you could visit a boutique brewery elsewhere in Adelaide. But, then you'd be missing out on the inspiring blends that Dan and Owen have so lovingly created! If you're looking for an authentic microbrewery in Adelaide where you can bring the whole family, Brewboys is one of the best!